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  • January 14, 2022

    Why I started fanfudge.

    Five months ago, I decided to step into the OnlyFans world after seeing news articles of girls doing £20,000 - £30,000 a month on OnlyFans. I already had images and videos to go as my husband loved the take pictures...

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  • October 30, 2021

    OnlyFans - I wish I knew.

    We've read the stories in the news that girls are making lots of money by using OnlyFans. Let's not lie to ourselves; we have all thought, "I could do this", but never have the courage actually to go out there...

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  • October 26, 2021

    Swinging Misconceptions

    For someone thinking about getting into the lifestyle, you've probably heard a few things about the Swinging community, which the lifestyle can portray in a bad light.  This article is to debunk some of the misconceptions you've heard about swingers....

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