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OnlyFans - I wish I knew.

We've read the stories in the news that girls are making lots of money by using OnlyFans. Let's not lie to ourselves; we have all thought, "I could do this", but never have the courage actually to go out there and do it! 

Why? Well, it comes down to a lot of reasons. First, we're scared if our friends and family find out and have no clue how to get started or promote ourselves, even to get a single subscriber. 

Let me tell you this, and listen carefully. When you live in the freedom of your own choices instead of fear, the world looks different, and it's amazing how high you can fly when you don't give one single fuck. Own it. 

I'm not a millionaire from OnlyFans and have been on the platform for only three months, but I have cleared all of my debts and made tens of thousands each month. With the money generated, you take it more seriously and understand it's not just showing nudes, but it's a business that profits exceptionally well. 

What I'm about to write is what I would have wanted to know when I first started. Unfortunately for me, I reached out to other OnlyFan girls when I was unknown, and they turned their noses at me, thinking I would steal their subscribers. It was far from the truth, and I promised myself that if I made some success from OnlyFans, I would help any woman who wanted to make a start. 

So here I am, writing an article to get you off the stepping blocks and find your path of OnlyFans. Would you please let me be clear? I am not a professional, but I understand the basics and have learned a few tricks. 


Getting Started. 

The first thing you need to do is sign up and create an account. Then, you can click this link OnlyFans Link, and it will take you to the OnlyFans site. 

From there, you need to become a creator. When you go through the process of becoming a creator, you have to verify yourself by using a third-party app (Don't worry OnlyFans makes it easy for you to do this) by scanning your face with your phone and taking a picture of your ID (Passport or Drivers Licence) 

It can take a few hours for it to process, but when it does, you're good to get started! 


Content, Content, Content.

I've always said this to every woman that has DM'd me asking what they should do first, and my response is this, "Make as much content as possible and upload it." 

Now it's up to you how you want to sell your OnlyFans. Here are some options for you to decide. 


  • Boob images & Hidden Pussy 
  • Hidden Face Fully Nude
  • Fully Nude 
  • Self Play 
  • Full Porn 

On my OnlyFans, I go with the fully nude and keep it light on the self-play. This is because I also sell my private sex tapes as Pay Per View. 

But what works for me might not work for you. For example, I know some girls who do full porn and make an extreme killing doing so, but on the other hand, I know girls who only show boobs and hidden pussy and still make a killing doing so. 

I recommend starting light and seeing what you're comfortable doing. 

Remember, no one is going to pay for a couple of pictures and videos on your OnlyFans, so it's a must to load your profile with as many photos and videos as possible before you consider promoting it. 


Your Price. 

There are so many strategies when it comes to pricing your OnlyFans. 

I always recommend starting your price off low and getting the subscribers through the door while you're still building your OnlyFans up. When you notice more subscribers coming, gradually raise your price to match what you think it should be. 


Pricing Strategies. 

SALE - Some creators put their price up to the maximum of $30 and always have a deal for $6-10. This gives the subscriber the mindset they're losing out if they don't purchase it straight away and provide them with urgency to be fast before "the deal ends." 

Consistent - This is what I do; I stay consistent with my pricing at $12.99 and offer deals around special days such as Valentine's day or the national holidays like Christmas & Halloween. I feel like it's fair and also gives potential customers something to look forward to purchasing. 


Pay Attention 

When I first started, I subscribed to other OnlyFans to see what content they were producing, and I was shocked. It opened my eyes to how creative people can be and how they engage with their audience.

Don't be scared to purchase someone else's OnlyFans to educate yourself on how they do it. 

NOTE - Do not comment on their images without their permission or respond to their subscriber's comments under their posts. It can be seen as subscription stealing, and it can lead you to be blocked. 



Ok, you've created your account and become a creator. You have loaded your profile with lots and lots of pictures and videos. So how do you get subscribers? You get them by promoting yourself. 

Now, this is where it becomes a business. Have you considered what niche you're going to go in? Here are a few ideas to help you out. 


  • Funny & Goofy
  • The Girl Next Door 
  • The Dominatrix 
  • The Innocent Wife / Girlfriend
  • The Bored Wife / Girlfriend 
  • The Cheating Behind My Husbands / Boyfriends Back
  • Degrading 
  • The Girl Next Door 
  • Fetish & Kinks 


Choose a niche that suits your personality and what you ride with; please don't pick one thinking it's the best because it will become challenging work to keep up the appearance. But, for me, it was easy; I'm a real swinger, and that's my niche, and I have evidence to back it up so it's not hard work to keep up my appearance, plus I know what I'm talking about when it comes to explaining about my lifestyle.  


Where to promote? 

There are so many platforms to choose from, but you have to be careful they all have their community guidelines on what you can post. I won't go into much detail except for READ THE GUIDELINES. You do not want to start getting a good following the next day to see your profile has been shut down. Trust me; I made this mistake on TikTok when I first started, I tried to make it all sexy, and it got closed down. 

Here's a list of places you can promote.


  • TikTok (Keep it clean and don't be flashing your ass) 
  • Twitter (Be as naughty as you like) 
  • Snapchat (Be as naughty as you want) 
  • Reddit (Be as naughty as you want) 
  • Instagram (Keep it extremely moderate) 


Reddit is an excellent converter, and below I have attached some Reddit threads to follow and post in to get you started.


What they don't tell you about being on OnlyFans

Doing OnlyFans isn't always smelling roses and flying unicorns. It's hard work, but like anything else, if you put the work in, you get the results. 

Here is a list of things they don't tell you about being on OnlyFans. 


  • You will constantly be on your phone replying to messages.
  • Some girls only have a high like rate because they use other creators to like all their pictures to show potential buyers that it's fantastic inside before they purchase
  • You will get stuck for content ideas. 
  • You will feel shame when you start and have thoughts about not carrying on. 
  • You will want to shut your OnlyFans down when a friend or family member finds you. 
  • You will get users begging you to meet them, and it can be draining.
  • You will have scammers pretending to be "daddies" offering you money via PayPal and Cashapp because they don't like using OnlyFans. ONLY ACCEPT TIPS AND PAYMENTS THROUGH ONLY FANS. 
  • Typical lads will always ask for a preview; don't give it to them; they will never subscribe.



I know I left this article on a negative, and it means in no way am I trying to put you off starting an OnlyFans, but it's the things I wished to know when I first started. As I have said, I am no expert, but I make good money doing what I do, and so can you. 

Suppose you've managed to get to this part. Well done. My last piece of advice. 

It takes time and effort; one does not expect to be rich overnight because it doesn't work like that. Work hard and be consistent. So many girls start and fail at the first hurdle because they don't want to put the work into their account. Believe me, when I say this, everything can change within a couple of months of hard work. 


Here is the link to get started OnlyFans Link


I wish you all the success in the world, and I'm always available on social media if you have any questions. 


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