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Why I started fanfudge.

Five months ago, I decided to step into the OnlyFans world after seeing news articles of girls doing £20,000 - £30,000 a month on OnlyFans.

I already had images and videos to go as my husband loved the take pictures of me already and we enjoyed looking through them together, so why not?

While building my social media profiles and surprisingly surpassing some of the other content creators regarding subscribers and social media followers, some often message me.

"How are you getting people to subscribe to you? What the trick to it?"

It shocked me. These creators have been in this industry for over 12+ months, and here is little old me passing them. I had to look into it and wonder why they weren't doing the same as me?

I discovered that marketing and advertising plays a significant factor in getting subscribers. Still, looking from the outside, I could see it was hard work to create content, post it on OnlyFans, promote, talk to potential subscribers meanwhile talking to your current subscribers.

There has to be an easier way of doing this.

I imagined a platform like Instagram, user friendly and easily seen when you post. I searched the internet to find other platforms that could offer this, and I couldn't find any. All the other platforms were behind BIG paywalls, not giving any insight into the creator's profile.

I had a light bulb moment, imagine an Instagram style platform, and when you post, it can land on a discover page. So the users can see you, click on your profile, and see what you're about.

So, with the finances readily available, I started a journey to do that. I wanted to help creators make more revenue while cutting out half of the hassle of promoting etc.


What is fanfudge?

FanFudge is a freemium website designed for creators to express their talents. They can showcase their real-life or, as I like to call it, Instagram friendly images and their exclusive content locked for subscription or one-time payment.

Every time a creator posts a free 'Instagram friendly' image, it will show on the discovery page. So your audience will come to you.


A breath of fresh air.

I did a trial session by inviting creators, and the response was terrific. So, again, to have a modern platform, easy to use and more open to generating revenue as users can see more of the creator.


New features

I realised creators were using different apps and platforms to cater to their fans, and some creators would use one site to webcam while using another to sell images and videos.

I thought, 'That seems a lot to handle and can be stressful for the end-user, being passed around different platforms.

I made sure FanFudge had a pay-per-minute phone and video call feature so you could connect closer to creators, all while offering exclusive content to hardcore fans.



FanFudge isn't designed to take over OnlyFans, even if some creators have decided to use fanfudge solely. Instead, it's designed to run beside it, letting fans know they can see the actual creator, connect closer, and get the enjoyment they want without constantly signing up to multiple apps.

The platform is nowhere perfect, but it's the start of something new where creators can voice what they want from the platform.

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