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Hot Tip For Single Guys.

The Competition

It's just one of the things. Being a single guy in the swinging community is competitive. So couples and single women have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a single guy. 

You may ask yourself, are single guys needed in the lifestyle? And the answer is yes! Single guys are constantly required for cuckold couples, MFM threesomes, gangbangs and much more. 


Your FabSwingers Profile

To stand out in a sea of single men, you need to have a great profile. It truly can make or break a meeting from happening. From my personal experience, if a single guy sends me a message and it catches my eye, but his profile is bare, that's a big no for me. 

Follow my advice below and spruce up your profile!


Profile Picture

It is perfectly okay if you want to be discreet because of work or family reasons, but please add a profile picture. It can be a blurred face, body or cock image. 

Hot tip

If you're taking selfies, make sure to stand by a window during the day and set your camera to portrait mode. It brings more life to the image, and other couples seeking you can genuinely see how you look. 

Avoid group pictures with friends and scrubbing their faces out. Instead, get dressed to impress and make sure you look your best. So many times, single guys have taken a picture, and their room is a mess. Yes, we look behind you and see what standards you have. 



Fabswingers give you three choices on how you want your photos or videos to be viewed. 

  • Public
  • Friends Only
  • Private 

It would help if you had lots of clear public pictures or videos. Avoid locking down your profile if you want to be approached. Many Swingers choose to show their nudity in public photos and their faces on friends only or private. 

If you're like me and choose to show your face in public and your nudity to friends only, this is perfectly fine too.


Hot Tip


  • Wear smart clothes 
  • Clean around you before taking the picture 
  • Avoid using group photos. 
  • Take clear up close pictures 



Fabswingers gives you a choice to become photo verified. It helps when you are because we know that the person behind the profile is you. 

It's no secret that there are many fake profiles on Fabswingers trying to capture genuine people, only to let them down and steal their nude images. When you get the photo verified, the actual image you sent to FabSwingers isn't shown on your profile; it's 100% hidden away. 

Once you are photo verified, a green flag will appear on your profile. 

VistaWife Fabswingers Profile Green Flag Point

If you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't worry, there is another way. Other swingers can verify you! Meaning other swingers have seen you in person or via webcam and can vouch that you are, who you say you are. 

When others verify you, a green tick will appear on your profile. 

VistaWife Fabswingers Green Tick Point


Your Bio

You can write a bio description on your profile; this is your chance to sell yourself to others. 

I highly recommend you write about yourself, not how good you are in bed or what you look for in a meet. Instead, please talk about your hobbies and interests, make them funny or tailor them to your personality. 



Couples and single women are bombarded with messages 9 out of 10 times, so yours has to stand out. 

You should make your message around 2-3 sentences and use proper grammar. It will help if you avoid text such as " R U okay" & "Do u wanna fk?"

That brings me to my second point, avoid sending short messages asking if people are okay or want to chat and get to know you. The chances of your messages been passed by will be very high. 

Hot Tip

Make sure to add as many face pictures to your message as possible. And 1-2 cock pictures. 


Be respectful

From my own experience, I have had single males message me calling me rude and ignorant because I haven't responded to their message. 

This is not the case. 

They failed to meet the expectation mentioned above, and If I had to reply to every message I get, I could bypass someone who has made an effort. 

Please remember, everyone has their own lives, families and other interests, so if you don't get a response, then it's okay, leave it and move on. However, if they post a status requiring a meet, then fire another good quality message. 

It could have been a mistake they passed you by. 


You've got a meet

So you've done well. You've secured a meet with a beautiful couple or single female. Good on you! 

Make sure you dress to impress and turn up on time; no one likes someone late or too early. From my personal experience, I have had people arrive early, and I've not finished getting ready. It can kill the mood a little bit. 

If you're meeting a couple, thank them for giving their time to you and pay attention to the husband more than anything while your clothes are on. 

This works in two ways. First, you gain the husband's trust, which could lead to more meets in the future, and two, he will be at ease to let you sleep with his wife. 



With my advice on how to beat the competition, don't forget attraction is the most important. My tips are there to make sure you stand out a lot more than what everyone is doing. 

If you have any more questions or need personal help, you can follow and message me on Instagram






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