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Hot Tips for Single Women

Women getting sex in today's world is even more accessible than ever before. But, from my own experience, I know I've always sought more than the average. 

Let's not kid ourselves; as women, we've always wanted two guys at the same time, even another woman or two. So naturally, we want to explore beyond the Vanilla relationships. 

We have to do this safely and understand that sometimes things can go wrong; I have put some tips together to ensure you have the best time possible without any worries. 




We can easily fall for the bad boy or the handsome hunk on swinging websites, but there are many fake accounts, especially on FabSwingers, where others can join without being photo verified. 

Always look for the green flag next to the user's profile; this has shown face verified themselves with fabswingers. 

But be warned, fabswingers policy for verification can be a face or a nude image of their body holding a sign with their username and the words 'fab swingers'. 


Extra Verification

 It's perfectly okay to ask for verification even if you feel comfortable with the person you're talking to; I always ask them to do something you wouldn't do in an everyday photo. 




  • Hold three fingers up and close one eye. 
  • Put their pinky up to their eyebrow.
  • Hold a piece of paper up with your username and a chosen word.
  • Even put a small spoon on top of their head while giving the thumbs down sign. 

The list is truly endless, but this is important to ensure the user you are talking with is the person you expect to meet. 


The meet


Tell a trusted friend if you plan to meet someone at a location you're not familiar with. 

With today's technology, you can share your location with your friend, so they know where you are. 

Plan a secret codeword through text just in case you need to make a getaway, they can maybe call you in a pretend emergency, and that's your escape. 

Maybe, after an hour you don't contact them, they call you.

All of the above isn't necessary when you've been in the lifestyle for a bit, and it's more for the new people who can be a little unsure when deciding when they want to meet. 



If you want to stay anonymous from the swinging community on your social media, here's a tip. First, do not give your phone number out. 

When you add people to your WhatsApp, Facebook can track this and recommend them as a friend. 

If you're not fussed about giving your number out, feel free to do so. 



In my own experience, I have stated my boundaries to single guys that they must wear condoms at all times, and in return, they have agreed. 

Not all of them, but the odd one has said they haven't brought any and would convince me that it feels better to have sex without one. 

My first move was always to state that I am not any contraception (which I was), which usually scares them enough not to push any further, and I would ask them politely to leave and re-arrange another date. 

The truth is, I've always got condoms to hand, but if they can't respect my boundaries to wear protection, then they wouldn't respect my boundaries in the bedroom. 


These circumstances are infrequent, and a vast majority of men on swinging websites are genuinely respectful and caring, but these things do happen. 


If you're happy to play without protection, that's fine, but always state your boundaries and if they choose to push them. Make them aware it's not okay. 



I didn't write this article to scare single women away from the lifestyle. I just wanted to make you savvy so you would never be in a situation where you have a terrible experience. 

I will always advocate for single women to join the community, and many single women have unique experiences. 

If you have any more questions or think I have missed out on something, please get in touch with me to update this article, and I will make it relevant. 







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