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Single Guys & Swingers Clubs Tips

Are you a single guy who is considering hitting up a swingers club to find a great couple(s)?

I have put together some great tips for you single guys to ensure you get the best experience when going and experience the best swinging offers.


Be Friendly.

It's that simple. Like in any other life situation, good social skills can get you far and ahead of others. Being friendly, genuinely interested in people and showing effort to connect is appreciated and rewarded. Even if you are the only single guy in a club full of couples, in all likelihood, you will still need to interact with some of them before it gets physical socially.

Don't be the guy to sit at the bar and only interact with other single guys. Many couples won't approach you if you think you're gifted or have muscles; you have to lay the groundwork and make yourself available.

Casually approach them, and my best suggestion is to always say hello to the Mr first, then the Mrs I'll explain more down below.


Don't be creepy.

Not many things put a couple more off than a single guy following them around a club and giving them one of those weird looks.

Here's the deal, because all the other single guys are staring and creeping on the couples, it doesn't mean you have to.

Be professional and courteous and be willing to take no for an answer. Sometimes you are not their cup of tea, and that's okay.

When I talk about being professional, imagine you're walking into a business meeting. Be confident, Smile lots and have things to say, make sure you're asking questions about them, and you're invested with what they have to say.


Don't ignore the Husband.

I've seen this countless times when a single guy will head straight for the Wife and pay no attention to the Husband.

Don't forget, and he isn't going to let anyone who disrespects him play with his Wife even if she wants to fuck you. So I always suggest winning the Husband over first, and she will naturally follow suit, that's if she interested in you.

Remember that most couples aren't just two strangers who have randomly decided to head to a swingers club. They are two loving partners that are connected and have a long life vow to each other.

Don't try and be Mr big shot. 


What if they're already playing?

The chances are you've already met them in the swingers bar before heading to the playroom, and they've given you consent to join them, but what if you haven't spoken to them already?

The telltale signs she wants you. Women sometimes have a look around while playing. When she is in the mood and looks the like of you, at that moment, she will typically hold a long stare.

If the couple is playing, go up to the Husband and ask him politely if you could join in; 9 out of 10 times, he will automatically look to the Mrs for consent unless they have pre-arranged no single males are allowed.

If she says yes, always remember to use protection.

After you've finished playing, always make sure to show your gratitude towards them. This is a good sign for the couples that you're a good guy, and the chances of them inviting you back for a private meet are high.

It can be tough to be a single guy in a swingers club, but you have to stand out. Dress smart and smell great. Approach the couples with the highest respect and be professional.

Don't ignore the Husband, and introduce yourself to him first if you want to initiate conversation.


If you're talking to a couple, offer to buy them a drink; if they accept, this usually means they are interested; if they decline, it's a polite way of saying you're not their type (do this after introducing yourself)


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